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The cumulative with hard work

Is ever and noble constantly refinement of the spirit of innovation

Commitment ever and innovation high

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In 2018,awarded"Civil-Military Integration Demonstration Enterprise" and "Honesty and law-abiding Demonstraiton Enterprise"
In July 2018,  achieved certificate of Welding system certification.
In September 2018,  named "Provincial Industrial Design Center"

·In March 2008 Sichuan Yonggui Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. Was founded officially.

·In September 2008 obtained the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality system.

·In November 2008 216 core 300 km/h emu train the power connector in workshop smoothly car changing outfits.

·In May 2009 oil explosion-proof connectors get national anti-explosive electric products quality supervision and 


·In 2009 wind power, electric vehicles and solar energy and other clean energy project starting, part of a formal 

project product was put into production, and has won the chery, byd electric car project supporting rights.

·In September 2009 216 core 300 km/h EMU train workshop to realize the power connector on batch equipment.

·In December 2009 108 core electrical connectors in Beijing fang shan magmatic line began to batch supply load.

·In December 2009 "dangerous gas explosion proof connector", "the multiple photoelectric transmission connector" 

projects are in mianyang city science innovation fund for support.

·In April 2010 for state-owned construction leaseholds, with a total planned area of about 40 acres.

·In May 2010 "high density photoelectric hybrid transmission power connector" in national torch plan projects.

·In December 2010 Sichuan Yonggui Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.Through a national hitech enterprise 


·In July 2011 got the ISO/TS16949:2009 and the GJB9001B -2009 authentication .

·In August 2011 approved the Company Association member units to Sichuan Province emerging industries of 

strategic importance.

·In May 2012 obtained the ISO14001certification and the ISO18001 certification.

·In September 2009 Zhejiang Yonggui Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.successfully went public on the Shenzhen 

Stock Exchange (Stock name:Yonggui Electric Equipment,Stock code:300351).

·In January 2014 obtained the EN15085-2 certification and the ISO3834 certification.

·In Septemper 2014  the company has been approved as a level three confidential qualification units.

·In February 2015 , the high-speed rail vehicle automatic coupler connector received Mianyang Scientific and Technological Progress Award. 

·In September 2015, Sichuan Yonggui received Weapons and Equipment Research and Production License, the valid period is from 2015.7.20 to 2020.7.19.

·In October 2015, the electric connector with protection function(patent No.: ZL201110235291.9) was rewarded Mianyang 2015 third prize for Ecellent Patent Award.

·In October 2015,Company have been identified as Enterprise Technical Center of Sichuan province

·In December 2015,access to 2015 IPR advanced unit of Mianyang. the low voltage electric connector for Metro vehicle end was received Mianyang 2015 Scientific Progess Award third prize.

·In Jan. 2017, the explosion proof connector through the assessment and test by TUV Rheinland  and received the ATEX certificate (Directive2014/34/EU) and IECEx certificate.

·In April 2017, Sichuan Yonggui received IRIS certificate.  the certificate No. is CHN -IR - 000 868

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