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The sun where there is a light

A railway, there have ever and expensive

The cumulative with hard work

Is ever and noble constantly refinement of the spirit of innovation

Commitment ever and innovation high

We endeavour to rest


Add: in mianyang city in sichuan province north of west street, 87 torch high-tech zone

Tel: 0816-2300798 2534602.2311529

Fax: 0816-2303650

Post code: 621000


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 【Enterprise Aim】

To always follow market developments, always focusing on customer needs.

【Enterprise culture】

People-oriented, efficient, diligence, innovation.

  【Enterprise philosophy】

Integrity, harmony, dedication, creating value for customers.


【Enterprise publicity language】

Where the sun shines, there is always light.

Where the railway goes, there are always Yonggui Products.

Connectors of Yonggui   connecting to specialists

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