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Is ever and noble constantly refinement of the spirit of innovation

Commitment ever and innovation high

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Add: in mianyang city in sichuan province north of west street, 87 torch high-tech zone

Tel: 0816-2300798 2534602.2311529

Fax: 0816-2303650

Post code: 621000

Service concept

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Service concept

The company promised a pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, the 3 hours response, domestic 

24 hours to arrive at the scene of the service.



Northeast region (Changchun)             Mr .Zhao    13586236291

North China (Beijing, Qingdao)

                     Beijing             Mr .Ren      18981885932

                       Qingdao           Mr .Mu       15882857887

South China (Shenzhen)                   Mr .Wang   18902857405

East China (Shanghai,Nanjing)

                      Shanghai           Mr .Qi        13967600898

                    Nanjing              Mr .Xue     13851790574

Middle China (Zhuzhou, Wuhan)

                     Zhuzhou             Mr .Yin       13458053762

                    Wuhan                Mr .Zhang  15281699836

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