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Add: in mianyang city in sichuan province north of west street, 87 torch high-tech zone

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Combined, right angle female plug: M12 sensor/actuator connector, female plug (with Your present location:Products center Clean Energy Connector electric vehicle JL23BKJ36TZ refrigeration unit connector for mechanically refrigerated vehicle Plastic injection, right angle female plug, M12 sensor/actuator connector JL1JK43BTZ Electric Connector for mechanically refrigerated vehicle Plastic package/straight female plug: M12 sensor/actuator connector Board, flange, straight female plug: M12 sensor/actuator connector, AISG-YGC295-S8MC1B panel bulkhead mounting soldering board socket AISG-YGC295-P8MC1B panel bulkhead mounting soldering board socket Increased safety type “e” connector-5/10/14 die-casting shell Increased safety "e" electrical connectors - Ⅱ series (screwed) AISG-YGC295-P8RMC1H panel bulkhead mounted soldering wire socket Electrical slip ring coupler with system interconnect solutions Increased Safety-e "electrical connectors - Ⅰ Series (bayonet JL23BKJ36TZ machine cold refrigeration unit control connector Three core DC charging gun(YGC612-EV-S3P ;YGC612-EV-P3R ) Master control system electrical connectors interconnection JL23AJK4TZ echanically refrigerated vehicle power connector KTL15TZY rolling stock electrical connectors communication D-sub standard R/A (machining parts, center distance 7.2) MIL-C-5015 series circular connector inserts arrangement Increased safety connector "e" -single core high current Increased safety type “e” connector 5-14pin (screw) YGC559-D quick lock or screw/panel socket with sockets Increased safety type “e”connector-miniaturization YGC559-B quick lock or screw/panel socket with sockets MIL-DTL-38999 IV series insulation inserts arrangement YGC559-C quick lock or screw/Panel socket with sockets Transformer connection tools - Hydraulic Crimping Tool D-sub standard R/A PCB soldering, center distance 7.2 YGC559-C quick lock or screw/female plug with sockets JLB10-4TZ mechanical refrigerator car power connector YGC559-D quick lock or screw/female plug with sockets JL1JK43SA type of rolling stock electrical connectors YG633 series high voltage shielded electric connector YGC242-YB Ⅱ 3476L22-21SPN Ⅱ electrical connectors YGC559-B quick lock or screw/female plug with sockets YGC239-YB Ⅱ 3476L18-8SPN Ⅱ electrical connectors YGC559-D quick lock or screw/male plug with sockets Increased safety type “e” connector-5/10/14 pin YGC559-D quick lock or screw/panel socket with pins YGC559-B quick lock or screw/male plug with sockets YGC559-C quick lock or screw/male plug with sockets YGC559-C quick lock or screw/Panel socket with pins MIL-DTL-38999 II series Connector overall dimension YGC559-B quick lock or screw/panel socket with pins Converter system electrical connectors interconnect YGC240-YB Ⅱ 3476L20-11SPN-A electrical connector YGC559-C quick lock or screw/female plug with pins YGC241-YB Ⅱ 3476L20-16PSN-A electrical connector YGC559-D quick lock or screw/female plug with pins JY34 connector inserts arrangement and key positon MIL-DTL-38999 I series connector dust proof cover AISG-YGC295 series circular water proof connector MIL-DTL-38999 III series connector rear accessory Mobile (hanging connection) socket wiring harness YGC559-D quick lock or screw/male plug with pins YGC559-C quick lock or screw/male plug with pins YGC269-YB Ⅱ 3476L14-4PSN electrical connectors YGC559-C series circular connector middle series YGC559-B quick lock or screw/male plug with pins YGC-B5A housing components / cover assembly seat MIL-DTL-38999 III series metal dust proof cover Pitch system electrical connectors interconnect YGC-B5 housing components / cover assembly seat JL1JK43BTZ type machine cold control connector CNC milling with a heavy electrical connectors MIL-DTL-38999 IV series metal dust proof cover Increased safety type “e” connector-60 pin Increased safety type “e” connector-37 pin Increased safety type “e” connector-27 pin Increased safety type “e” connector-20 pin MIL-DTL-38999 II series metal dust proof cover B104 housing components / cover assembly seat AISG-YGC295-S8PH(Y) combined cable female plu D-sub standard R/A connector (with rear case) YGC-216MFC EMU workshop electrical connectors B32B housing components / cover assembly seat AISG-YGC295-P8PH(Y) combined cable male plug MIL-DTL-38999 III series inserts arrangement PCB board/male plug/panel M12 front mounting Single Increased Safety "e" power connectors EV connectors ( electric vehicle connectors) B77 housing components / cover assembly seat B57 housing components / cover assembly seat B44 housing components / cover assembly seat D-sub Standard right angle (grounded shell) MIL-DTL-38999 II series inserts arrangement D-sub high density wire soldering connector Manual maintenance switch (YG315 connector) MIL-DTL-38999 I series inserts arrangement YGC-JY-Q28SP37PR-Ⅰ electrical connectors D-sub high density PCB soldering connector Increased safety "e" electrical connectors JL23AJK34TZ machine cold control connector Increase sefety connector "e"-power series MIL-DTL-38999 I series circular connector Flame-proof type “d” connector- power YGC565-M/F0000003XXXX PCB power connector YGC559-USBAF panel screw coupling socket JY34 circular connector dust proof cover SC20-type electrical connector broadcast YGC559-RJ45F panel screw coupling socket Crimp Tools - Pneumatic crimping machine A104 housing components / base assembly PT004-350/1000-ZT battery box connector YGC-JY-Q18PS10PRN electrical connectors JL23BJK4TZ machine cold power connector YGC-JY-Q28SP37PR-Ⅰ Electric Connector PCB soldering/female plug M12 connector M12 PCB soldering right angle connector MIL-DTL-38999 II series rear accessory No spark type “n”connector -20 pin Non-sparking "n" electrical connectors JY34 circular connector rear assessory YGC-216MFC EMU inter-vehicle connector YGC-JY-S18PS10PR electrical connectors 48B housing components / base assembly MIL-DTL-38999 IV series rear accessory YGC-TY48JKNTZY-02 electrical connector YGC-JY-S32PS19PR electrical connectors YGC-JL33KJ4TZY-T electrical connectors YGC-JL34JK16TZYM electrical connectors YGC-JY-S28PS12PR electrical connectors YGC-JL88KJ27TZY electrical connectors YGC-JY-Q36PS8PR electrical connectors YGC-TY57JK20TZY electrical connectors JY31 (MIL-C-26482 series I) connector YGC238-TL-PS4PR electrical connectors MIL-DTL-38999 I series rear accessory YGC240-YBⅡ3476L20-11SPN-A Connector M12 connector, right angle, male plug YGC272-PS3PR-240 electrical connector YGC266-TL-SP7PR electrical connectors MIL-DTL-38999 IV series specification YGC-CD4-nTZWYKJ electrical connectors YGC565-M/F00AAAXX PCB power connector D-sub High density right angle socket YGC-P48KJNZTYG electrical connectors YGC-JL16KJNTZY electrical connectors YGC262-TL-S12R electrical connectors YGC262-TL-S10P electrical connectors YGC-JL16KJ4TZY electrical connectors YGC-JL89D27TZY electrical connectors YGC-40PS60PR-B electrical connectors YGC-JL87JK1TZY electrical connectors YGC-JL92KJ7TZY-AB Electric Connector YGC559 circular waterproof connector YGC-JLG6JK3TZY electrical connectors A44B cover component / base assembly YGC-JL90KJ4TZY electrical connectors YGC222-M-PSnPR electrical connectors YGC565-M/FAABBXX PCB power connector MIL-C-5015 series circular connector YGC-JL91KJ5TZY electrical connectors Urban rail vehicle connector series YGC-JY-S28PS12PR Electric Connector YGC-M22-SP5PR electrical connectors YGC-FQ18-3TZY electrical connectors YGC-JL34JK16TZYM Electric connector YGC-JY-S32PS19PR Electric Connector YGC-C1-500SPR electrical connectors YGC-C1-400R95 electrical connectors A77 cover component / base assembly YGC28PS37PR-B electrical connectors A57 cover component / base assembly YGC-20PS17PRB electrical connectors Close wound spring jack hyperboloid YGC-CL-SP27PR electrical connectors YGC-JL33KJ4TZY-T Electric Connector YGC-CL-108PRY electrical connectors YGC272-PS3PR-240 Electric Connector YGC-JY-S18PS10PR Electric Connector Military /Explosion Proof Connector D-sub standard R/A (stamping parts) Mobile (hanging connection) socket Special connector for rail transit YGC565-M/FAAXX PCB power connector D-sub Waterproof sealing connector YGC-JL88KJ27TZY Electric Connector MIL-DTL-38999 III series connector YGC-20-PS1PR electrical connectors YGC-2Q-PS4PR electrical connectors YGC266-TL-SP7PR Electric connector YGC-C1-850PR electrical connectors YGC-C1-650PR electrical connectors YGC-JY-Q36PS8PR Electric Connector YGC-C1-450PR electrical connectors YGC-C1-400PR electrical connectors Flame-proof type “d” connector JY31 connector inserts arrangement YGC-CL-PS4PR electrical connectors panel M12 front mounting male plug YGC-CD4-nTZWYKJ Electric connector YGC-C2-200PR electrical connectors YGC-C1-200PR electrical connectors YGC-TY57JK20TZY Electric connector YGC-22PS19PR electrical connectors KTL39X/DX communication Connectors YGC562A series PCB power connector YGC28-SP12PR electrical connectors YGC-CL-108PRY electrical connector YGC-14SP2PRY electrical connectors YGC-18SPNPRB electrical connectors YGC-40-A35-35 electrical connector YGC562B series PCB power connector YGC-22PS2PR electrical connectors JY31 circular connector accessory YGC-JL90KJ4TZY Electric Connector PT005-130/1000-TZ power connector M12 connector rear solering/5 pin PT002-200/1000-TZ power connector YGC222-M-PSnPR Electric Connector AISG-Panel flange socket with pin YGC-JL87JK1TZY Electric Connector MIL-DTL-38999 II series Connector The CAN bus plug cable assemblies YGC-C350SPR electrical connectors YGC-40PS60PR-B Electric Connector YGC-PS24PRB electrical connectors YGC565 series PCB power Connector YGC-P48KJNZTYG Electric Connector YGC-SFE-470-1-10 Relay receptacle Passenger trains connector series YGC-SP3PR-150 electrical connecto YGC-JL92KJ7TZY-AB power connector YGC262-TL-S10P Electric Connector YGC262-TL-S12R Electric Connector MIL-DTL-38999 IV series connector YGC-JL91KJ5TZY Electric Connector YGC-JL20JK56TZY control connector YGC-JLG6JK3TZY Electric Connector YGC-20-15-7 electrical connectors YGC-MPS25PR electrical connectors YGC-18-19-10 electrical connector M12 Rear soldering wire male plug YGC-36-3-3 electrical connectors KTL26TZ communication Connectors YGC-C200PR electrical connectors YGC-M22-SP5PR Electric Connector YGC-FQ18-3TZY Electric Connector MIL-DTL-38999 I series connector KTL39TZ communication Connectors TGC-36-4-3 electrical connectors YGC-C1-400R95 Electric Connector YGC-JL20JKNTZY Control Connector YGC-20PS17PRB Electric Connector YGC-SP32PR electrical connectors YGC28PS37PR-B Electric Connector YGC-M104PS70PR-C power connector YGC-SP5PRT electrical connectors YGC-JL20JKNTZY control connector Tail outlet connection terminals YGC-CL-SP27PR Electric Connector YGC-CL-108PRY Electric Connector JY34 connector overall dimension YGC-SP3PR-150 Electric Connector YGC-C180S-PS Electric Connector YGC-C1-200PR Electric Connector YGC-C1060A electrical connector YGC-C2-200PR Electric Connector Connector for CNC heavy milling YGC-22PS19PR Electric Connector YGC-CL-PS4PR Electric Connector YGC-YH400 electrical connectors YGC-20-PS1PR Electric Connector YGC-2Q-PS4PR Electric Connector YGC-C1-400PR Electric Connector TGC-JL5-N electrical connectors YGC-C1-450PR Electric Connector YGC-C1-500SPR Electric Connecor YGC-C1-650PR Electric Connector YGC-C1-850PR Electric Connector YGC-SPNPR electrical connectors Crimping Tools - Crimping Tools YGC28-SP12PR Electric Connector KC10-2TZ electrical connectors JY31 glass sintering connector YGC-MPS25PR Electric Connector YGC-22PS2PR Electrci Connector KC8-4TZD electrical connectors YGC-PS24PRB Electric connector JL10-5 type electric connector SC21-type electrical connector YGC-IRC-9 Electrical connector YGC-20-15-7 Electric Connector Combined/straight female plug YGC-36-3-3 Electric Connector YGC-36-4-3 Electric Connector YGC-SFE-470-1-10 Relay Socket YGC-MSP90PR-C power connector YGC-SP5PRT Electric Connector YGC630(Single core connector) YGC600(Single core connector) YGC-FQC electrical connectors YGC-36-3-6 Electric Connector YGC-TA-20PS-1 power connector YGC-C200PR Electric Connector YGC-MSP24PR-C power connector Copper tail connection socket YGC-CNS-PS Electric Connector M12 circular sensor connector YGC-C180S-PS power connector TGC-JL5-N Electric Connector YGC-QS electrical connectors YGC-IRC-4 Electric connector YG582 (series of connectors) YGC-IRC-9 Electric connector YGC-C160A Electric Connector YGC-YH400 Electric Connector YGC239-YBⅡ3476L18-8SPNⅡ YGC241-YBⅡ3476L20-16PSN-A YGC-36-3-6 power connectors YGC-CNS-PS power connector KC20A type power connector KTL15TZG monitor connector KC20D type power connector YGC-FQC Electric Connector YGC559-RJ45F combined plug YGC-IRC-4 power connector YGC-QS Electric connector YGC-14S-4 power connector MIL-DTL-38999 tool series Explosion Proof Connector High-current contacts for YGC-G3JIZY socket library JY3110 circular connector LED waterproof connector YGC559-B standard series YGC-D-SUB 9PIN Connector M12 electrical connector YGC269-YBⅡ3476L14-4PSN YGC559-USB combined plug MIL-DTL-38999 III series High Speed EMU Connector Communication Connector products selection help YGC559-RJ45 RJ45 series JY34 circular connector D-sub Standard straight YGC-LZ5 socket library YGC565 Power connector SL21TZ power connector YGC-LZ5 Shed connector D-sub Series Connector YGC-G3JIZY shed socket Power Distribution Box Clean Energy Connector M12 straight male plug D-sub power connector YGC559-D large series Hinged frame assembly Straight plug harness SL21X power connector Rectangular connector JY31 series connector Plug cable assemblies D-sub Mixed connector Plug-in tools to take YGC-M2-40A connector YGC-D-SUB connectors locomotive connector Wind power connector YGC565 Specification YGC-M1-200 connector YGC-M2-100 connector Curved plug harness PCB power connector YGC614-EV-PS(5+2)PR YGC-D200 connector Military connector Circular connector straight male plug YGC-A10A connector YGC-B108 connector Electric Connector YGC-6/36 connector Electric connector Professional tools Railway Connectors YGC-D80C connector YGC-D650 connector YGC-D350 connector YGC-D80 connector YGC-A16 Connector YGC-A10 Connector YGC588-EV-S(2+2)P YGC-D35 connector YGC-B5A connector A series of shell YGC-B72 connector YGC-B64 connector YGC-B42 connector B series of shell YGC-JY-Q18PS10PRN YGC-A46 Connector YGC-A32 Connector YGC-A24 Connector YGC-M12 connector YGC-A18 Connector YGC-D connectors YGC-A connectors YGC-B connectors Frame components YGC-M2 connector YGC-M connectors YGC-A6 connector YGC-B8 connector YGC-B5 connector YGC-M8 connector YGC230-CL-PS18PR YGC-M6 connector YGC-M3 connector DC charging port Increased safety AC charging por YGC234-TL-PS3PR D-SUB connector YGC-JL16KJNTZY AISG connector Rail Connector M12 connector Straight plug YGC-40-A35-35 M12 Connector YGC-22-14-19 YGC-14SP2PRY Angled plug Flameproof YGC-SP32PR Connector 50-1000A YGC626 2-50A
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